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Podiatrist Gladstone Park Craigieburn Greenvale - medifoot clinic

Monitoring Gowth

Monitoring Gowth

Children Feet - Monitoring Growth

Observe your child's feet regularly. Deformities will not outgrow by themselves and deformities do not always correct themselves without aid. If something catches your attention seek professional opinion.

Lack of complaint by a child is not always indicative that everything is ok. The bones of growing feet are very flexible and may get out of alignment without the child being aware of it.

Observe walking patterns regularly. Does your child toe in or out, have flat feet, knock knees or other gait abnormalities.

Check your child's footwear. Tight footwear can restrict movement and may hinder normal development. Supportive footwear is recommended. Click here to learn how to select the correct footwear for your child.

An annual visit to a podiatrist for a foot health exammination is encouraged. Any muscoskeletal (muscle and bones) abnormalities if left undetected could be aggravtated by incorrect footwear, potentially leading to problems in adulthood.

Progressive Foot Related Behaviours

Listed below is a guideline of foot related behaviours a child is expected to display at different ages

8 Months -Sits by himself/herself

10 Months - Crawls

12 Months - Stands alone and walks with support

15 Months - Walks alone and crawls up stairs

18 Months - Walks well

2-3 Years - Runs well and may be able to climb stairs

4 Years - Runs well and may be able to ascend and or descend form stairs

5 Years - Skips and hops