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Podiatrist Gladstone Park Craigieburn Greenvale - medifoot clinic

CAM Walker aka Moon Boot

How To Get One?

  • CAM Walker aka Moon Boot can be picked up from one of our clinics.
  • Same day dellivery is available in Melbourne metro areas. Please call us before 01:00 pm us to arrange this.
  • You can Buy A CAM Walker Online from our secure onlineshop. Next day delivery available Australia wide.
  • We can fit a CAM Walker for you. An appointment is required.
Health Insurance: Provided that your health insurance provider covers the cost, you can claim the cost of the CAM Walker from the provider. The item code is 311.

High Top Or Low Top ?

Generally, Low Top CAM Walker Boots are used in case of injuries towards the forefoot while High Top CAM Walker Boots are used in case of injuries towards the ankle. Please consult a health professional for your exact needs.

Hire Vs Buying

Read our CAM Walker Hire Vs Buying article to make an informed decision.

Sizing Chart

Note: The sizes below are only for CAM Walkers that we stock.
Size Fits Men Shoe Fits Women Shoe
X-Small2 - 4 3.5 - 3.5
Small4.5- 75.5 - 8.5
Meduim7.5 - 10.58.5 - 12
Large10.5 - 12.5 12 - 14
X-Large12.5 - 15 14 - 16.5


CAM Walkers are used in recovery from injuries like


CAM Walker is an abbreviation for Controlled Ankle Movement walker. It is a device that is used to provide protection,support and mobility with minimal discomfort during recovery from a foot and ankle related injury.

Other Terms: Moon Boots, Orthopedic Boot, Walkers, Cast Boots, Aircast Boot, Medical Boot, Walking Cast,Fracture Boots.


Most CAM Walkers have a
  • Hard outer covering
  • Dense cushioned lining (Inflatable in case of Pneumatic CAM Walkers) inside to provide support
  • Shock absorbing sole
  • Rocker bottom to promote a natural walking pattern


The technique for fitting CAM Walkers varies on the type of CAM Walker and the manufacturer. At times customisation may be required.

For example:In cases of ulcers, a customised insole may need to be fitted in to the CAM Walker to offload pressure from the affected area under the foot.

We recommend visiting a qualified professional (Podiatrist) to get one fitted.

Pneumatic CAM Walkers

Pneumatic CAM Walkers are boots with an air valve or air bladder which is used to pump air in to the inner lining of the pneumatic walker. The air system comfortably contours the swelling patterns during the rehabilitation process.This provides a custom fit and more support.

Offloading CAM Walkers

Offloading CAM Walkers usually contain a customisable insole. Customisation takes place by shaping/removing the part of the insole to contour the corresponding (affected) area below the foot.

ROM Walkers

ROM is an abbreviation for Range Of Motion. The range of motion of the foot and ankle area is regulated by two hinges which can adjust the range of motion in increments. Some ROM Walkers allow a range of 0 - 45 which can be adjusted in 7.5 increments.